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No. The lists we have are intended to reach agents for properties they can sell or lease for a commission. We do not offer brokerage recruitment or any other advertisements for any other business
No. We supply the lists and take care of the entire delivery. You just supply some information regarding your listing and we're ready to go!
Yes! Inside your account, you have a personal copy center. From there you can send more copies. You can log in at any time to edit and send your flyer through the copy center even after its been distributed to realtors. The copy center doesn't use any credits. You can use it at any time at no extra charge to get a quick copy in front of a new prospect, or maybe to tell the agents who already showed this listing about a new price reduction.
The lists are maintained regularly and updated monthly. Bounces & removals are processed instantly to ensure the list is clean and provides maximum deliverability.
How long does it take to send out?
You can choose instant delivery, or schedule your flyer for a future date. Rather than sending all your e-flyers out in one blast, we can alternately schedule a 24 hr. breathing room in between any non-time sensitive flyers. Flyers by default will begin within a few hours and are guaranteed to begin within 24 hours.
Our service is only operating within Arizona and we do not allow Maricopa / Pinal County properties to be distributed into Northern & Southern AZ. The sheer volume of irrelevant emails from The Valley would cause mass unsubscriptions. We do however allow a certain amount of Northern & Southern AZ properties to be sent into the metro area since an overwhelming majority of Maricopa/Pinal agents expressed an interest in seeing a unique property from another part of the state on occasion.
Your credits do not ever expire.
All of your flyers are saved until you personally delete them. They are saved at each step of the creation process, so if you were to lose your internet connection during creation, you would have lost minimal information. They are always editable and resendable.
YES! Your webpage displays an unlimited amount of photos with a slide show feature. If you upload more images than the flyer can handle, an automatic link is created on the flyer telling the recipient there are MORE PHOTOS online. When the link is clicked, they are instantly transported to your listing and treated to a professional slide show.
We send you confirmation reports upon starting the campaign, and another when its completed. Each report tells you how many recipients recieved your flyer successfully. This can be good information to show your home sellers so they see how hard you work to push their property to the front lines!
Yes and No... Our flyers do NOT contain any tracking code inside them since this could cause spam filters to reject your email. We do however provide statistics on the amount of visitors that have viewed each of your personal web pages. This gives you a little something to measure the interest level with. TIP: If you want to increase your web page hits, add as many pictures as possible so there is a reason to click beyond the basic flyer!